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Dental Implants Restore Your Smile

Restore both the appearance and health of your smile with state-of-the-art dental implants.

Dental implants offer stability and reliability.

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Dental Implants in Lafayette, CO

Wisdom Teeth

Dental Implants

Are you missing teeth? You’re not alone.

According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 52% of American adults between the ages of 20 and 64 are missing at least one tooth. And almost 20% of adults ages 65 and over are completely edentulous, which means that they are missing all of their teeth.

Tooth loss can pose a number of significant challenges in both your health and your self-confidence. When you are missing teeth, it’s more difficult to chew the nutritious foods your body needs to stay healthy. You might experience pain. Your remaining teeth can shift, leading to changes in the way your upper and lower jaw fit together. This can put excess pressure on your remaining teeth, leading to premature wear and further damage.

As you probably know, people who are missing teeth often face social consequences as well. It’s unfair, but our society has a tendency to make negative assumptions about hygiene and even intelligence in those who are missing teeth. You may find that both your personal and professional life suffer when you have a missing tooth.

At Coal Creek Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center in Lafayette, CO, we have a solution to help you restore your smile, your confidence, and your health – Dental Implants.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a prosthetic (artificial) tooth that is held in place by a titanium post that functions as a replacement root. This post is placed surgically into your dental bone. Over time, the post actually integrates with your bone to create a secure and stable foundation for your replacement tooth.

This titanium post is what makes dental implants so different from other tooth replacement options. Dentures, for instance, are usually held in place using a combination of dental adhesives and suction, which makes them prone to shifting. Dentures wearers often find that they have to avoid certain foods to prevent damage to their dentures or embarrassing moments.

A dental bridge is more stable than a denture, but it does require alteration to existing healthy teeth to properly fit the crowns that hold the unit in place. Dental implants allow us to replace your missing tooth or teeth without having to remove healthy tooth structure.

The Hidden Advantage of Dental Implants

One of the biggest differences between dental implants and other tooth replacement options, however, is one that you might not even realize.

A symbiotic relationship exists between the roots of your teeth and your dental bone. In exchange for holding the root in place, the jaw bone receives a steady stream of nutrients and minerals to help maintain its density and health. When the root is gone, this process comes to a halt. The bone no longer maintains itself and becomes diminished and weak.

As time passes, other teeth will tilt and shift toward the open space and the bone becomes weaker. Eventually, this will likely lead to further tooth loss, creating a vicious cycle that often results in a collapse of your oral health and a sunken appearance to your face.

By replacing the missing tooth root, dental implants can put a stop to this negative process and allow your dental bone to stay healthy.

Dental Implants at Coal Creek Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center

Placing dental implants is a surgical procedure. It just makes sense to trust your implant placement to the skill and advanced training of an oral surgeon like Dr. Hayes. At our oral surgery center, we use up-to-date technology to plan every procedure for the highest chance of success with minimal surprises.

Dental Implants in Lafayette, CO

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Dental implants boast an impressive 95% success rate. Combine that with how incredibly lifelike your implant will look and feel, and you can see why implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement.

Whether your general dentist has recommended an implant or you are simply interested in learning more about the procedure, we invite you to give us a call so we can schedule a consultation with Dr. Hayes.

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Hayes Oral Surgeon

Dr. Curtis Hayes, DDS

Wisdom Teeth

Dr. Curtis Hayes is a board-certified oral surgeon in Lafayette, Colorado. After completing a Bachelors of Science degree in biochemistry at the United States Air Force Academy, Dr. Hayes attended the University of Colorado School of Dentistry. He graduated magna cum laude in 2003 with his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree (DDS). Most recently, Dr. Hayes became an International Best Selling author with a book he co-authored, Million Dollar Smile; Dr. Hayes wrote the chapter on digital dentistry.

Implant placement at our Lafayette practice.

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Every case is different, so it’s impossible to provide a single price
on a website without knowing the details of your specific situation. 

Many factors go into the price of a dental implant, including: 

  • Where is the implant located?
  • What kind of implant is used?
  • What type of restoration will be used?
  • Is additional treatment needed to prepare the site and improve the chances for success?
  • Do you have any specific health-related needs that need to be taken under consideration?
  • Will your insurance cover a portion of the costs?

also important to consider the skill of the person placing your
implant! While it’s true that there are several general dental offices
that offer “discounted” implants, you need to ask yourself why this is
and whether bargain hunting for a surgical procedure is really a good
idea. It will save you a great deal of time, money, and hassle to have
your implant placed by an expert in the field with state-of-the-art
technology available to help make sure that it’s done correctly the
first time.

As a part of your treatment plan, Dr. Hayes will sit
down with you, review your case and any records your general dentist has
sent over, and then discuss your own needs and goals for your
procedure. Once all of these details have been taken into account, Dr.
Hayes will be able to let you know how much your dental implant will

Dental implants are an investment in the future health of
your smile. Unlike other tooth replacement options that are available,
implants replace the root of the missing tooth. This helps maintain the
health of your periodontal bone, which is important for your long-term
oral health. By placing an implant, we can provide you with the
stability and security you need as well as help you avoid future

Missing teeth create multiple problems when it comes to your oral health.

A healthy smile depends on having healthy teeth in appropriate alignment. When you lose a tooth, it knocks that alignment out balance. This often leads to problems like joint pain, clenching and grinding, and excessive wear. 

Missing teeth also lead to neighboring teeth shifting and tilting into the open space, which also causes problems with your alignment. 

You’re likely to avoid eating fresh healthy foods, which damages your overall health. Plus, you are likely to face social stigma, which can make social and professional engagements awkward and uncomfortable, damaging your self-esteem and self-confidence.

One of the biggest problems with missing teeth, though, is that they set off a chain reaction of damage in your mouth. When you lose a tooth, your body stops sending the necessary nutrients to the bone beneath. Without these nutrients, the bone starts to fail, becoming weaker and diminished. Neighboring teeth, which have probably already started shifting, are likely to become loose themselves and may eventually be lost, expanding the problem. 

While tooth replacements can solve the esthetic challenges and alignment issues, only dental implants solve the problem of bone loss just one of the reasons why they have become the gold standard when it comes to tooth replacement. 


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