Will it hurt to have my wisdom teeth removed?

Impacted wisdom teeth create a lot of problems, and it’s often necessary to have them removed. This is a surgical process and it’s understandable that you are concerned about comfort. 

We take your comfort seriously. We’ll use local anesthetics to numb the gum tissue and the tooth before we begin the procedure. We can also provide higher levels of anesthetic when necessary, including nitrous oxide, which helps to minimize sensation and makes the appointment seem to go by faster, and IV anesthetics in certain cases. 

During the procedure, you are likely to feel some pressure. Some people feel anxiety about the pressure or any possible noises that might come along if the tooth needs to be removed in pieces, and nitrous oxide sedation can help reduce these worries. 

While planning your procedure, Dr. Hayes will discuss your needs with you and incorporate any needed anesthetic into your treatment plan. 

Following your surgery, after the anesthetic has worn off, you may experience some discomfort. This is normal and it can usually be managed with oral pain medications. Again, Dr. Hayes will discuss your needs with you prior to your surgery. Following Dr. Hayes’s instructions for self-care following wisdom tooth removal will help the healing process move along smoothly, and you should feel like yourself again in a few days.

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